2023: Here is a sequential overview of Paradise Group Of Companies activities throughout the year:

  1. Sponsorship of Punjabi Music Mela at Souq Al Marfa, Dubai by Paradise Group: On January 29th, Event Royals, a subsidiary of Paradise Group, organized a vibrant Punjabi Music Mela at Souq Al Marfa in Dubai. The event proudly featured the renowned Indian Punjabi singer, Kaka G, and was a joyful celebration of the New Year. It successfully created a harmonious cultural atmosphere, inviting a diverse audience from both local and international communities in the UAE to join in the festivities without bias, promoting unity through the universal language of music.
  5. Extended Charitable Efforts: The group intensified its philanthropic efforts by distributing free meals in Pakistan and the Middle East, addressing the critical issue of food insecurity. Additionally, they allocated funds for special persons globally, emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity and support for diverse community members.
  7. Enhancement of Skills Through Free Training: Recognizing the importance of skill development, the group increased the number of free training programs. These programs were designed to empower individuals with essential skills and knowledge, fostering both personal and professional growth in various industries.
  9. Launch of ‘Join Paradise Group Platforms’ Initiative: A groundbreaking initiative was introduced, spanning multiple sectors like real estate, travel and tourism, immigration services, and global trading. This initiative allowed individuals to join the group’s platforms without any investment, offering a promising 50% share of the profits after expenses. This model provided a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to collaborate with Paradise Group.
  11. Promotion of the ‘Grow Together’ Model: The central theme of all initiatives was encapsulated in the slogan ‘Grow Together’. This model emphasized shared success and collaborative growth, offering profit-sharing opportunities and creating a mutually beneficial environment for all partners and associates.
  13. Pioneering Social and Economic Growth: The group’s initiatives throughout 2023 marked a significant step in social philanthropy and economic collaboration. By combining charitable programs, training opportunities, and innovative business models, Paradise Group continued to demonstrate its dedication to driving social and economic progress, living up to the ethos of growing together as a global community.

Overall, Paradise Group of Companies’ actions in 2023 reflected a robust commitment to enriching lives and fostering economic opportunities on a global scale.

2022:Paradise Group’s Global Network and Consultation Services: A Free-of-Cost Initiative for CSR and Empowering Startups

Paradise Group of Companies, in a commendable move to bolster its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, offers free-of-cost consultation and access to its global network services. This initiative is specifically designed to assist young CEOs and startups, enabling them to leverage the group’s extensive resources and expertise without any financial burden.


Empowering Entrepreneurs with Complimentary Expertise

The group’s decision to provide these services free of charge is a strategic and altruistic gesture towards nurturing young talent in the business world. It allows emerging entrepreneurs to gain invaluable insights and guidance from experienced professionals and industry leaders, fostering their growth and development.


Free Access to a Vast Business Network

By offering free access to its global network of active business companies and CEOs, Paradise Group removes a significant barrier for startups seeking connections and collaboration opportunities. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for young businesses that often face budget constraints and limited networking opportunities.


Business Forums: A Cost-Free Environment for Growth and Collaboration

Paradise Group’s business forums, provided as a complimentary service, serve as a vibrant platform for startups to engage with a broader business community. These forums offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas, engage in dialogue with potential investors and partners, and gain exposure without worrying about the cost.


Comprehensive Consultation at No Charge

The group extends its CSR initiative by offering comprehensive business consultation services at no cost. This aspect of the program ensures that startups receive not only strategic advice but also practical support in implementing their business plans, enhancing the effectiveness of the guidance provided.

Conclusion: Reinforcing Commitment to CSR and Entrepreneurial Success

Paradise Group’s initiative to provide free consultation and networking services as part of its CSR efforts demonstrates a deep commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success and contributing to the business ecosystem. By removing financial barriers and offering valuable resources, the group plays a crucial role in supporting the next generation of business leaders and reinforcing the importance of CSR in the corporate world.

Paradise Group of Companies: Pioneering Sustainability in Diverse Industries


Paradise Group of Companies, renowned for its global presence in various sectors, exhibits a strong commitment to sustainability, driven by principles that focus on diversity, ethical practices, and strategic partnerships. The organization is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future.


Sustainability Dedication:

Our ethos is demonstrated through our emphasis on diversity, ethical integrity, and safety. We collaborate with suppliers to enhance sustainability, aiming to construct resilient infrastructures and minimize environmental impacts.

Sustainability Strategy 2021:

Last year, we launched a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy. This strategy aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on creating value for stakeholders while managing our environmental footprint.


Strategic Partnerships:

Our group is devoted to forming strategic partnerships with entities like the UAE Ministry of Climate Change, EEB, ECF, Friend of the Earth Europe, and T&E Alliance, aiming to amplify our impact and foster significant global change.

Internal Governance & Reporting:

Sustainability is a core aspect of our governance. This commitment is evident in our quarterly CEO Sustainability Forums and strict adherence to GRI standards.

Paradise Group’s Global Philanthropy – Empowering Deprived Communities and Lulu Al Hareer’s Special Contribution in Africa

2021 witnessed a remarkable expansion in the philanthropic activities of Paradise Group of Companies, with its subsidiaries making substantial contributions globally, particularly in supporting deprived segments in various regions, including Africa. Notably, Lulu Al Hareer, a luxury brand under the group, made a unique and heartwarming contribution by gifting new dresses to youths in Africa.


Global Contributions to Empower the Deprived

The subsidiaries of Paradise Group extended their philanthropic reach to various global territories, particularly focusing on deprived communities. Through collaborations with different NGOs, these efforts were strategically directed towards regions that required the most assistance, with a special emphasis on Africa. This global outreach underlines the group’s commitment to addressing poverty and improving the quality of life for underprivileged populations worldwide.

Lulu Al Hareer: Spreading Joy with Fashion in Africa

Lulu Al Hareer, known for its luxury clothing, took a distinctive approach in its charitable efforts. The brand’s initiative of gifting new dresses to young individuals in Africa was more than just a donation; it was a gesture to bring joy and a sense of dignity to those who rarely experience the luxury of new clothing. This thoughtful contribution went beyond mere financial aid, offering a personal touch that celebrated the spirit and culture of the recipients.


Aiding Through Style and Substance

The initiative by Lulu Al Hareer represents an innovative form of philanthropy that combines style with substance. By focusing on clothing, an essential yet often overlooked aspect of well-being, the brand made a significant impact on the lives of African youths, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Comprehensive Approach to Philanthropy

Paradise Group’s comprehensive approach to philanthropy in 2021, executed through its subsidiaries, demonstrates a deep understanding of the various needs of deprived communities. Their global contributions, including unique initiatives like that of Lulu Al Hareer, reflect a nuanced and empathetic approach to corporate social responsibility.

Conclusion: Setting a Precedent for Corporate Giving

The efforts of Paradise Group and its subsidiaries, especially Lulu Al Hareer’s contribution in Africa, set a precedent for corporate giving. They exemplify how businesses can play a significant role in social upliftment, not only through financial contributions but also through initiatives that resonate on a personal and cultural level with those they aim to help.

2020: Paradise Group’s Subsidiaries Apex Leather, Meditra Industries, and Eximfast Respond to COVID-19 Crisis with Humanitarian Aid in UAE

In the challenging landscape of 2020, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and its widespread impact, Paradise Group of Companies, through its subsidiaries Apex Leather, Meditra Industries, and Eximfast, rose to the occasion with significant humanitarian efforts in the UAE, focusing on labor camps and vulnerable communities.


Targeted Aid in Response to COVID-19 Challenges

Understanding the severe ramifications of the pandemic, especially on the labor sector and lower-income groups, these subsidiaries tailored their assistance to address the specific hardships brought about by COVID-19. This response was crucial in alleviating the deteriorating conditions faced by many due to the global health crisis.

Sustenance and Safety in Labor Camps

Apex Leather, Meditra Industries, and Eximfast conducted extensive meal distribution drives in various labor camps across the UAE. This initiative was vital in providing sustenance to laborers who faced economic hardship and job insecurity during the pandemic. Alongside food aid, the emphasis was also on ensuring their health and safety.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment

Recognizing the critical need for protective measures against the virus, the subsidiaries distributed free personal protective equipment (PPE) to those in the lower-middle and lower-income brackets. This distribution of PPE was not only a generous gesture but a necessary intervention to protect the health of those who might otherwise have been unable to afford these essential items.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Times of Crisis

The actions of Apex Leather, Meditra Industries, and Eximfast in 2020 are reflective of Paradise Group’s robust approach to corporate social responsibility, particularly in times of global crisis. Their proactive support played a significant role in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations in the UAE.


Conclusion: Upholding Community Support During Pandemic

The initiatives undertaken by Paradise Group’s subsidiaries during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 highlight their commitment to community support and social welfare. By providing critical aid in a time of unprecedented global challenge, these companies demonstrated exemplary corporate citizenship, setting a standard for how businesses can contribute positively in times of crisis.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Empowering Communities in 2019

The Role of Paradise Group of Companies in Community Development

In 2019, the Paradise Group of Companies, along with its subsidiary New Age Developers Pvt Ltd, significantly contributed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This was particularly evident in their commitment to enhancing the welfare of the Chib Kalmati village community.


Transformative Infrastructure: Linking Chib Kalmati to Opportunities

A standout initiative was the construction of a road connecting Chib Kalmati village to the Iran Gwadar Coastal Highway. With an investment of 20 million, this project was undertaken without charging the villagers, showcasing the group’s commitment to societal well-being. The new road has revolutionized transportation in the village, facilitating efficient movement of people and goods, thus opening new economic opportunities.


Beyond Infrastructure: A Holistic Approach to Philanthropy

In addition to infrastructure development, other entities within the Paradise Group, namely Nam Global, Majestic Trading, and Zaroon Trading, actively engaged in philanthropy. Their efforts, concentrated in Balochistan and interior Sindh, provided essential support to the needy and deserving. This comprehensive approach to CSR reflects the group’s dedication to fostering societal change.


Conclusion: A Model of Corporate Citizenship

The CSR initiatives of the Paradise Group of Companies in 2019 serve as an exemplary model of how corporations can be catalysts for positive societal change. By investing in community development and philanthropy, the group not only improved the lives of many but also set a benchmark for corporate citizenship. The group’s efforts reflect a profound understanding of the role businesses can play in societal advancement.

2018: Paradise Group Launches Erevolute – The Ideal E-commerce Institute under ‘Largest Learning Hub’ Slogan

In 2018, Paradise Group of Companies made a remarkable entry into the educational sector with the launch of Erevolute, an ideal e-commerce institute. Branded under the slogans “Largest Learning Hub,” “Where Revolution Emerge,” and “Delivering Entrepreneurship,” Erevolute represents a significant step in fostering entrepreneurial skills globally.

Erevolute: A Nexus of E-commerce Learning and Entrepreneurship

Erevolute was envisioned as more than just an educational platform; it was designed as a comprehensive learning hub for aspiring e-commerce professionals and entrepreneurs. The institute aims to revolutionize e-commerce education by providing practical, up-to-date training and resources.


Accessibility and Inclusivity: Nominal Fees and Free Courses for 30% of Students

A key feature of Erevolute is its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. The institute charges nominal fees, making quality e-commerce education affordable. In a groundbreaking move, 30% of its students, particularly from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds, are offered free courses, ensuring that talent and ambition are the only prerequisites for enrollment.

Empowering Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Resources and Training

Erevolute goes beyond traditional coursework by allocating and managing inventories and resources for its students. This unique approach enables talented and skilled trainees to not only learn but also apply their knowledge practically. It provides a solid foundation for them to start their careers as young entrepreneurs.

A Major Contribution by Paradise Group and Its Subsidiaries

The establishment of Erevolute marks a major contribution by Paradise Group and its subsidiary companies, extending their impact across borders. By investing in this innovative educational venture, the group reinforces its commitment to nurturing young talent and shaping the future of the e-commerce industry.


Conclusion: Shaping the Future of E-commerce Education

Paradise Group’s launch of Erevolute in 2018 is a testament to their vision of empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. The institute’s unique approach to e-commerce education, focusing on practical skills, inclusivity, and resource management, sets a new standard in the industry and exemplifies Paradise Group’s role as a catalyst for educational and entrepreneurial advancement.

Paradise Group of Companies’ 2017 Initiatives: Strengthening Sino-Pak Trade Relations and Empowering Students with Language Skills

In 2017, Paradise Group of Companies took significant steps to enhance international trade relations and foster educational opportunities, demonstrating their commitment to global connectivity and skill development.


Cultivating Sino-Pak Trade Relations: Hosting a Chinese Delegation

A notable initiative in 2017 was the invitation to a Chinese delegation by Paradise Group, aiming to strengthen trade ties between Pakistan and China. This meeting was a strategic move to explore and expand bilateral trade opportunities, reflecting the group’s vision to be at the forefront of international business relations. The interaction with the Chinese delegation underscored the importance of cross-cultural business partnerships in today’s globalized economy.


Language as a Bridge: Free Language Courses for Deserving Students

Parallel to its international trade efforts, Paradise Group launched a commendable educational initiative by offering free language courses to talented and deserving students. This program was particularly focused on Chinese language courses, aligning with the growing importance of Sino-Pak relations. By equipping students with language skills, the group not only opened doors to new educational and professional opportunities for the youth but also strengthened cultural and linguistic bonds between the two nations.

Conclusion: Fostering Trade and Educational Synergies

Paradise Group of Companies’ efforts in 2017, from hosting a Chinese delegation to nurturing linguistic skills among students, signify a proactive approach towards creating synergies in trade and education. These initiatives highlight the group’s role in not only expanding its business horizons but also in contributing to the broader socio-economic development by empowering the younger generation.

2016 CSR Initiatives by Paradise Group

In 2016, the Paradise Group announced a comprehensive suite of social, welfare, and community support plans under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This included the allocation of land in Gwadar Bin Qasim City, earmarked specifically for the development of these welfare activities. The Group’s initiatives extended beyond physical infrastructure, encompassing significant charity contributions across various sectors of life in Pakistan.

A core focus of these initiatives was to alleviate the hardships of minorities, aligning with the vision that every individual deserves to live with honor and dignity. By addressing a wide range of social challenges, from basic needs to broader community support, the Paradise Group demonstrated a commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices. These efforts aimed not only at enhancing the quality of life for underrepresented communities but also at fostering a more inclusive, equitable society in Pakistan.


Paradise Group of Companies’ 2015 Milestones: Empowering Real Estate Community, Leadership in Trade Association, and Supporting Water Treatment Projects

2015 marked a year of significant achievements and contributions by Paradise Group of Companies, underlining their commitment to community development, business leadership, and environmental sustainability.

Fostering Unity in Real Estate: Establishing Gujranwala DHA Agents Association

In a move to empower the real estate community, Paradise Group played a pivotal role in establishing the Gujranwala DHA Agents Association. This initiative was aimed at providing a unified voice for real estate agents, facilitating effective communication and problem-solving with relevant authorities. By supporting this association, Paradise Group demonstrated its dedication to strengthening the real estate sector and addressing the community’s needs.


Leadership in Trade: Assuming Vice Presidency of All Pakistan Trader & Merchant Association

2015 also saw the Chairman of Paradise Group of Companies assuming the role of Vice President in the All Pakistan Trader & Merchant Association. This position, held alongside President Babar Butt, signified the group’s expanding influence and leadership in the broader business community of Pakistan. The involvement in such a significant trade body reflects the group’s commitment to advocating for traders’ and merchants’ interests across the nation.

Contributing to Environmental Sustainability: Financial Support for Water Treatment Plants

In the same year, Paradise Group extended its commitment to social responsibility by generously supporting the financing of water treatment plant projects. This initiative aimed at providing clean and safe water, underscores the group’s awareness of environmental issues and its dedication to contributing to sustainable solutions. By investing in water treatment projects, Paradise Group not only aided in improving public health but also highlighted the importance of responsible environmental stewardship in corporate practices.


Conclusion: A Year of Impactful Contributions and Leadership

The year 2015 stands out as a testament to Paradise Group of Companies’ multifaceted approach to corporate responsibility. From empowering the real estate community in Gujranwala and assuming a significant role in a national trade association to supporting crucial environmental projects, the group demonstrated a deep commitment to making a positive impact in various sectors, enhancing community well-being, and leading by example in corporate social responsibility.

Paradise Group of Companies Supports Jalib Mela 2014 in Lahore: Celebrating the Legacy of Revolutionary Poet Habib Jalib

In 2014, the Paradise Group of Companies made a generous contribution to support the hosting of Jalib Mela in Lahore, a prestigious forum celebrating the revolutionary poet Habib Jalib. This initiative highlights the company’s commitment to supporting social and cultural events, particularly those that honor literary excellence and social consciousness.


Fostering Literary and Cultural Appreciation

Jalib Mela serves as a platform where writers, poets, and intellectuals gather to appreciate and remember the work of Habib Jalib, a poet renowned for his commitment to justice, empathy, and social issues. By sponsoring this event, Paradise Group of Companies not only pays tribute to Jalib’s legacy but also fosters a culture of literary appreciation and critical thinking.

Supporting Voices of Justice, Despair, and Beauty

The company’s involvement in Jalib Mela aligns with its dedication to social causes and the arts. Poets and writers, through their work, often address themes of justice, despair, empathy, pain, poverty, suffering, and anguish. Yet, they also bring joy, discussing beauty, romance, nature, and the natural world. By supporting this event, Paradise Group acknowledges the profound impact of literature and poetry on society.

Cultivating a Platform for Artistic Expression

The sponsorship of Jalib Mela by Paradise Group of Companies provides a vital platform for poets and writers to express their artistic visions and engage with the community. It creates an opportunity for dialogue and reflection on societal issues, highlighting the power of the written word in influencing and inspiring change.

Impact on Community and Cultural Development

Paradise Group’s contribution to Jalib Mela demonstrates its role in promoting cultural development and community engagement. The event not only honors a significant literary figure but also encourages the community to explore and appreciate the richness of literary arts and the important messages they convey.

Conclusion: A Tribute to Literature and Social Responsibility

Paradise Group of Companies’ support for Jalib Mela in 2014 exemplifies its commitment to cultural enrichment and social responsibility. By celebrating the legacy of Habib Jalib and supporting the voices of contemporary writers and poets, the company plays a pivotal role in nurturing a society that values art, literature, and social commentary.

2011: Regular Wages in Paradise Estate

In 2011, Paradise Estate Pvt Ltd made a significant move by introducing a regular wage system for its real estate employees. The effects of this decision were far-reaching:

  • Financial Stability: Offering regular wages ensured a consistent income for employees, in contrast to the uncertainty of commission-based earnings.

  • Employee Morale and Retention: Steady wages likely improved employee morale and loyalty, as workers felt more financially secure and appreciated.

  • Industry Benchmarking: This initiative set a new standard in real estate employment, possibly encouraging other companies to reevaluate their wage structures.

  • Attracting Talent: The regular wage system might have made Paradise Estate more appealing to a broader range of professionals, including those reluctant to work solely on a commission basis.


2010: Paradise Group’s IT Training for Real Estate Agents

In 2010, Paradise Group pioneered a novel initiative in the real estate sector by providing free IT training to its agents. This program had several significant impacts:

  • Skill Enhancement: The training equipped agents with digital tools and technologies essential for modern real estate practices.
  • Market Adaptation: As the real estate industry increasingly relied on digital platforms for listings, client interactions, and virtual tours, agents proficient in IT could adapt more effectively.
  • Competitive Edge: This initiative potentially placed Paradise Group and its agents ahead of their competitors, attracting a tech-savvy clientele and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Industry Influence: The program raised the standard for agent education, potentially inspiring other real estate firms to adopt similar training programs, thereby benefiting the industry at large.


Muhammad Aahaq’s Remarkable Aid Effort in the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Pakistan on October 8, 2005, particularly impacting Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and the current Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), a remarkable story of humanitarian assistance emerged. Mr. Muhammad Aahaq, undeterred by the magnitude of the disaster, spearheaded a significant relief operation, showcasing an exemplary model of community support and resilience.



Unwavering Commitment: 22 Trucks of Hope in Four Months

Over a four-month period, Muhammad Aahaq diligently organized the dispatch of 22 trucks, each brimming with essential supplies. These trucks, laden with food, drinks, winter clothing, and basic necessities, became lifelines for the earthquake-affected regions. His initiative not only provided immediate relief but also symbolized a beacon of hope for countless victims grappling with the earthquake’s aftermath.

Collaborative Effort: Community Leaders Joining Hands

This commendable campaign attracted support from various community leaders and philanthropists. Key contributors included Mr. Abdul Majeed, the respected Imam of Sultania Mosque, Sh. Suleman, and Malik Altaf Hussain. Their collective efforts ensured that the aid was distributed effectively across the hardest-hit areas such as Muzzaffarabad in AJK, Pateka Valley, Bala Kot in the current KPK, and various remote regions.

Government Collaboration: A Synergistic Approach to Disaster Management

A noteworthy aspect of Aahaq’s relief operation was the collaboration with the AJK Government. At the time, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sardar Sikander Hayat Khan, the government played a pivotal role in the equitable distribution of aid. Additionally, Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan, the President of the Muslim Conference, was instrumental in the on-ground execution of this relief initiative.

Impact and Legacy: Beyond Immediate Relief

Muhammad Aahaq’s efforts during the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan transcended beyond providing immediate relief; they set a precedent for disaster response and community solidarity. The operation not only alleviated the suffering of those directly affected but also served as an inspiring example of effective disaster management and the power of collective action.

Conclusion: A Testament to Humanitarian Spirit

As we reflect on the 2005 earthquake, stories like Muhammad Aahaq’s stand out, reminding us of the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. His campaign serves as a benchmark for humanitarian aid and a reminder of the profound impact one individual can make in times of crisis.