1. What services does the company provide?

Through our team's hard work and the effort of our esteemed suppliers, Paradise group of companies provides a versatile range of services, including real estate services, marketing and advertisement, construction, trade, import/export, shipping and logistics evaluation services, and education. In addition to that, paradise group also provides services to an international clientele.

2. What career opportunities does paradise group provide?

Paradise group provides several attractive career opportunities. Since we are a multi-dimensional company, our job market ranges from real estate, trade, and marketing experts to academics and logistics experts. As a family, we value our employees. So, we encourage talented individuals to apply for jobs at Paradise Group.

3. What is the company’s work process?

First, we receive the project details and overview from our client, next we research and evaluate all the feasible solutions to complete the task. Our experts and employees are assigned to perform different jobs. At last, we evaluate our work completely and hand it over to the client.

4. How can I contact the company?

You can easily contact us at You can also visit our website at or contact us on the following number: +447391758721. We also have a 24/7 assistance service on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In addition to that, you can keep up with our latest projects through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

5. How can I become a supplier for paradise group?

Paradise group welcomes anyone who shares the same product quality standards as us to be our supplier. We trade in goods ranging from medical equipment, surgical tools, textile products, and food items. If you are a supplier, then head to our website can fill the form given under the “supplier” tab.

6. What projects has the company completed?

Paradise group has completed several real estate projects, including Bin Qassim City, Paradise Estate, New Age Developers, and CPEC Investments. Our trade projects include Zaroon trading, Eximfast, Media Industries, and Majestic Trading. We also launched ARFA Educational Network in Pakistan. Pegasus shipping and logistics. Is our shipping project.

7. Does the company have international partners?

Yes, indeed. Paradise group has many international partners. The most important of them are Fenghuang Elevators and Long hui Ventures from China. Fenghuang elevators is an international company providing elevator installation and maintenance services, while Long Hui ventures provide repair, modernization for elevators, escalators and parking lifts, etc.

8. Does the company have any shipping service?

Yes, paradise group has launched its shipping service under the name Pegasus Shipping and Logistics. The company provides shipping to and from the clients for various items, including textile goods, surgical and medical equipment, chemicals. All the items are shipped with care and security, and no compromises are made when it comes to safety.

9. Where can I visit the company?

Paradise group has its head office in Lahore at Office No 16, First Floor, Naqi Arcade, The Mall. Paradise group of companies values its clients, and our team will gladly provide you with any help or assistance regarding our services. You can also contact us through our email available on our website.

10. What are evaluation services?

Paradise group provides evaluation services to some clients. Evaluation services aim at enhancing transparency and honesty in different business sectors. Our company Accurate Plus assists clients, including Muslim Commercial Bank, Habib Bank Ltd., and Faysal Bank. We use our services to increase service quality and equity.