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We are in extremely good to prvoide our services to our customers. We is the installation, maintenance, repair, reconstruction and modernization of elevators, escalators, parking systems and lifting equipment.

What we Offer to our customers.

Long Hui Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Long Hui Ventures Pvt Ltd. is a company established in Pakistan as Sole Distributor from LanZhou Yatai Eastern Elevator Co. Ltd. which supplies lifts (all categories), Elevators & Parking Lifts Initially. After Sales Service 2/3/5 years having its offices in all Major cities of Pakistan. Eastern Elevators International (Australia) & Asia Pacific industrial (Group) Company [China] merged and formed LanZhou Yatai Eastern Elevator Co. Limited.

What we Offer to our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help individuals in the market to find their ideal products. Our mission is to provide state of the art services and features for our clients. Our objective is to aware consumers with the most detailed and dependable information in the market. We have sound and correct data of our Community all over Pakistan which always helps us to evaluate the original Market Rate, Investment, returns and genuineness. Many others only claim but we have done a lot for time saving and reducing expensive process of visits of proposed products.