Paradise Group of Companies: Pioneering Excellence in the Global Market

Paradise Group of Companies: Pioneering Excellence in the Global Market

Welcome to the illustrious world of Paradise Group of Companies, a conglomerate known for its diverse range of subsidiaries and exceptional products. At the heart of Paradise Group’s success lies its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Unraveling the Tapestry of Subsidiaries

Paradise Group has etched its name in various sectors, including agriculture, technology, healthcare, and more. Each subsidiary under its umbrella shares a common goal: to deliver excellence and create a lasting impact.

Zaroon Trading: A gem in the Paradise crown, Zaroon Trading specializes in the sale of high-quality Saffron and Frankincense. Their expertise in sourcing and distribution has made them a trusted name in the spice and resin market.

Tech Innovations: Revolutionizing the tech world with cutting-edge solutions.

HealthFirst: Pioneers in healthcare, offering top-notch medical products and services.

Eco Living: Leading the way in sustainable living and green technologies.

Saffron and Frankincense: The Golden Duo

Paradise Group, through Zaroon Trading, brings to the forefront the rich heritage and health benefits of Saffron and Frankincense. Saffron, the “Red Gold,” is celebrated for its flavor, aroma, and medicinal properties. Frankincense, known as the “Aromatic Resin,” has been revered for centuries for its therapeutic qualities and is a cornerstone product for Zaroon Trading.


Paradise Group of Companies stands as a beacon of excellence, with Zaroon Trading leading the charge in the Saffron and Frankincense market. The Group’s commitment to diversity, quality, and innovation continues to pave the way for its enduring success.


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