The Diverse Ventures of Paradise Group of Companies

The Diverse Ventures of Paradise Group of Companies

Paradise Group of Companies stands as a beacon of innovation and success, operating as a multinational business with a diverse portfolio of ventures. Explore the unique strengths and offerings of Majestic Trading, Nam Global, CPEC Investment, Bin Qasim City, and Al Hafeez Properties, each contributing to the group’s dynamic presence in the global business landscape.

Majestic Trading:

Embark on a journey of exquisite textiles and fashion with Majestic Trading. Renowned for its commitment to quality and style, Majestic Trading offers a curated selection of textiles and fashion items that redefine elegance and sophistication.

Nam Global:

Elevate your sports experience with Nam Global, a venture committed to providing premium sports wear and gear. From cutting-edge athletic apparel to high-performance sports equipment, Nam Global caters to athletes and enthusiasts alike, ensuring peak performance and style.

CPEC Investment:

Position yourself at the forefront of economic transformation with CPEC Investment. As a key player in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC Investment opens doors to strategic investment opportunities, contributing to the development of Gwadar and beyond.

Bin Qasim City:

Explore sustainable urban living and progressive urban planning with Bin Qasim City, a visionary development within Gwadar. Immerse yourself in modern amenities, green spaces, and strategic infrastructure that make Bin Qasim City a symbol of growth and progress.

Al Hafeez Properties:

Discover the epitome of real estate excellence with Al Hafeez Properties. Committed to integrity and client satisfaction, Al Hafeez Properties offers a range of real estate solutions, ensuring that clients find their perfect residential and commercial spaces.

Chiltern Travel and Tour:

Embark on unforgettable journeys with Chiltern Travel and Tour, the latest addition to Paradise Group. Explore curated travel experiences, impeccable service, and a commitment to making every journey a memory to cherish.


Paradise Group of Companies is more than a conglomerate; it’s a journey through excellence, innovation, and commitment. Whether you’re seeking high-quality textiles, sports gear, investment opportunities, modern urban living, or real estate solutions, each venture within the group contributes to a legacy of success and satisfaction. Explore the diverse offerings of Paradise Group of Companies and experience the pinnacle of business excellence.

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