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Majestic Trading

Majestic trading is an e-commerce business website that works at the national level. It offers export supplies of sports products, electronics, packaging products, accessories, household products, and various useful stuff. The products are mainly hand made that give absolute finishing to the products for the client’s satisfaction. It deals in both, first-hand and second-hand products for the clients depending upon their requirements.

Meditra Industries

The company deals in instruments specially designed for surgical, dental, and beauty use. A wide range of high-quality products is offered to clients at an affordable price for a fair and happy network. Meditra industry has ISO certifications and is strongly against child labor maintaining international standards.

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Exim Fast

It is an e-commerce company that offers mainly OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions for the manufacturing of sports goods for sports lovers. We manage to provide the high demanding variety to the players for beating the competitors in all aspects. The sports goods are not only of good quality but also meet the fashion trends regarding colors, style, and fabric.

Zaroon Trading

It is an e-commerce company that deals in all kinds of traditional spices and grains that add to the value of tasteful recipes. The company also deals in other organic food supplies such as meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, dry fruits, and pulses. Zaroon trading’s initiative is to supply fresh food products that are good for their client’s health. The food products tend to have less few preservatives and other chemicals.

Trend Textile

An e-commerce based company, We specialize in supplying hospital textiles, fashion textile, home textile, and leather products covering the complete range of useful products of high-quality manufactured garments. The quality of products is competitive in the market to compete with other suppliers of textile.

Apex Leather

Apex Leather comes with a demanding range of fashion needs. It meets the client’s fashion requirements at its best consisting of trendy accessories, shoes, and clothing. The specialty of products is that they are handmade by the experts of leather. A leather tanning facility is also provided by the company to the clients. Leather bags of all kinds, jackets, and business fashion that include wallets and file cases are also available. Leather products for both, men and women are available.