Bin Qasim City (Gwadar)


With the development of CPEC, Gwadar is all set to become the next economic and real estate hub of Pakistan. It is wise to invest in this city now to gain immense benefits later with projects approved by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). One such project is Bin Qasim City, that will soon launch in an ideal location in the port city. Bin Qasim City is a residential and commercial project situated on a 700-foot wide road on Main Jinnah Avenue. The project has a Category A NOC from GDA.

If you are willing to invest in Gwadar, the safe choice would be to invest in land around Jinnah Avenue, Marine Drive, Airport Road and Baluchistan Broadway that are the developments of GDA master plan.

Bin Qasim City is situated in that master plan, which means you will get high returns in future. The project is providing you such features that you would never have seen in any other city. It includes extensive and developed road infrastructure, availability of schools, hospitals, health & medical centers, trading centers, recreational and entertainment place, corporate infrastructure, and hotels and shopping centers, making it a great place to live in.

Bin Qasim City is situated on Main Jinnah Avenue near Gwadar Cargo Terminal. This puts it in close proximity to some of the main roads of the port city.

Why Gwadar

China has invested a whopping $62 Billion in Gwadar, Several individuals and even prominent countries have seen an opportunity and are quickly investing. Don’t be left out.Already 51 countries from across the globe who have seen this lifetime opportunity have come to invest in CPEC. They include great nations like Russia, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Iran.

This route will make Pakistan’s real estate sector far more valuable than it is now in the medium to long term. The trade activities that will be conducted via this route will lead to the setting up of economic zones, petrol pumps, motels, and restaurants, as well as the provision of many other facilities.

The Gwadar route places it in a strategic location, that gives China and Central Asia access to the Gulf region and the Middle East. This makes it an economic hub in the class of Dubai and Schenzhen. When Gwadar port is fully completed it will become the main sea gate for Central Asia. It will now be easier to transport goods from Xinjiang and central Asian countries to other regions.

As soon as the development work completes, more Chinese will prefer to live in Gwadar. Pakistani officials believe that CPEC will result in the creation of upwards of 2.3 million jobs be tween 2015–2030, and add 2 to 2.5 percentage points to the country’s annual economic growth.

The Gwadar port is set to be one of the biggest ports in the world which will open the doors of development and prosperity for Pakistan. So many travelers will come into Pakistan and would need housing.Gwadar is set to become the next Dubai of Pakistan. There is much to gain in profit for those who will take advantage of this opportunity now. Foreigners, have seen the huge untapped wealth in Gwadar and are quickly investing. Pakistan’s Geographical location importance and Gwadar’s port importance with its deep warm water throughout the year is what sets this place an untapped goldmine.This is a golden opportunity you should not allow to slip away. You can reach us now for more information.