The role of Paradise Group of Companies in boosting real estate

The role of Paradise Group of Companies in boosting real estate

Paradise Group of Companies is a well-established conglomerate with international business affairs and a leasing conglomerate of real estate companies. Among its subsidiary companies are New Age Developers Pvt Ltd, Paradise Estate Pvt Ltd, New Age Marketing & Advertising Company Pvt Ltd, Al Hafeez Properties Pakistan, and many more. The group is actively involved in various real estate projects and has gained a reputation for being professional and reliable in its approach.

One of the prominent projects under the Paradise Group umbrella is the Bin Qasim City Gwadar, located in a unique and desirable location along the Iran Gwadar Coastal Highway. This project is strategically situated close to Jinnah Avenue and is expected to benefit greatly from the completion of the nearby airport. With the inauguration of the airport in the near future, Gwadar is anticipated to become a hotspot for real estate investment, and Bin Qasim City is poised to capitalize on this development.

Moreover, Paradise Group of Companies excels in catering to the real estate needs of its worldwide clientele. Its subsidiaries are actively involved in sale and purchase transactions, as well as property management services in Pakistan. The group has gained a strong understanding of the market and offers its clients a selection of highly dependable projects, including those by DHA, Bahria, and Islamabad Noc Holder projects.

The role of Paradise Group of Companies in boosting real estate activities is significant. By undertaking its own projects, such as the Bin Qasim City Gwadar, the group not only contributes to the development of the region but also creates investment opportunities for local as well as international investors. The unique and prime locations chosen for their projects enhance the value of the properties and attract a wide range of potential buyers.

In addition to developing their own projects, Paradise Group serves as a trusted advisor to its clients. The group’s professional approach ensures that they refer legal and viable projects to their real estate loyal clientele. This approach not only strengthens the bond of trust between the group and its clients but also ensures that the clients are investing in profitable and secure ventures.

In conclusion, Paradise Group of Companies is a prominent player in the real estate sector, both in Pakistan and internationally. Their involvement in various real estate projects, such as Bin Qasim City Gwadar, showcases their commitment to promoting economic growth and providing investment opportunities. With their professional approach and focus on referring legal and viable projects to their clientele, the group has established a strong reputation in the industry.

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