Arfa Educational Network


  • To provide quality education to the talented children of the under form privileged and deserving lot of our society.
  • To promote educational interest and to enhance the standard of education and status of teachers in the society.
  • To develop our projects as role model, trend setter in housing schemes & town planning which force to attract
  • To coordinate with like-minded individual and organizations for establishment of educational institutions in their respective areas to achieve and supplement the noble mission of ARFA EDUCATION NETWORK (PRIVATE) LIMITED.
  • Students Strength


  • Sangla Hills
  • Rawalpindi
  • Sheikhupura
  • Abbottabad
  • Quetta
  • Hafizabad,

ARFA EDUCATIONAL NETWORK (Pvt) Ltd, has lunched My school in three provinces of the country namely Punjab, Balochistan & KPK. The school is formed with a vision to serve all the communities not only who can afford but also to those that cant afford good education. With this cause we started and by the grace of Allah now we have 8 branches of our in Pakistan.


The mission of ARFA is to provide quality education for all at subsidized rates, free of cost or concessional rates on no profit basis, to the meritorious students from the underprivileged section of the society. Academic excellence, wholesome growth of personality, leadership development and character building enabling high standing in the future professional career of the budding students, is the prime target of the may school System.


Arfa Education network (Pvt) Ltd, First and foremost responsibility is to the deprived children of Pakistan who will be fostered in our schools. They must be given complete, all-embracing and comprehensive education. The best skill on modern and academic subjects to prepare for the higher endeavors in life, also the more traditional knowledge of language, literature, art and humanities to further their personalities in taking up social responsibilities of the future. This must be done in a disciplined, harmonious and a clean environment free from disturbances and distractions. The second responsibility is to our donors, members, advisors and participants. The resources of Arfa shall only be employed EXCLUSIVELY to create opportunities and advancement for children from the underprivileged segment of the Pakistan society. The funds employed shall be fully optimized – austerity in expenses, without compromising basic needs and essentials in achieving quality results. The procedures adopted shall always be absolutely transparent and compliant to the objectives of the Arfa Education network (Pvt) Ltd. Financial discipline and sincerity to the purpose is our promise. Our responsibilities extend to our teachers and faculty members who are so very critical in achieving our mission. The faculty of My Scholl must be experienced and knowledgeable to meet the standards of their discipline while compassionate and kind to fulfill the role of a teacher, guide and an educator. They must be appropriately compensated and continuously trained to improve upon their own knowledge and skill sets. And finally our vouch is to Pakistan – providing an avenue of future and progress for its people.