Alhafeez Properties



Alhafeez Properties aims to deliver digital real estate solutions to property hunters in Pakistan through better collaboration driven by technology and connectivity. Our mission is to benefit from technology to enable real estate professionals to collaborate efficiently in delivering exceptional consumer experiences.


We aspire to be the most trusted real estate business leader in Pakistan solving the traditional real estate challenges through continuous innovation and becoming a one-stop shop for our customers.


Alhafeez Properties is a brand-new cutting-edge real-estate marketing platform, providing solutions for your residential needs. The digital site of offers a competitive, smart, and flexible alternative for listings, search, marketing, and connectivity of your property requirements. Our beneficiaries include individual consumers, real estate agents, and project developers. The Alhafeez Properties team is a group of seasoned professionals in Pakistan, and abroad who have been part of multi-billion large-scale digital & high-tech businesses at the global level.