Zaroon Trading

Our e-commerce based company, Zaroon trading has evolved as one of the best companies for foodstuff supply, food trading, and repackaging services. We are a trading company that offers high-quality food products. The wide range includes fruits, pulses, vegetables, meat, dry fruits, kinds of seafood, frozen food, meat, continental spices, and rice. Our services are UK-based, and we focus on the quality of what we offer to our clients. The entire workforce is benefitted through employment opportunities and a brighter future. For maintaining the freshness of our products during the whole procedure and delivery, we avail the facility of freezers and chillers in our warehouses. We believe and prompt our food products to have less amount of preservatives and other chemicals.

Our Goal

Zaroon Trading stands among some of the conspicuous companies, which is continuously contributing towards Pakistan’s economic stability. Our duty towards our nation’s economic growth continues as we are increasing employment opportunities. We believe that higher economic growth leads to higher tax revenues (even with tax rates staying the same). Higher growth, income, and profits will assist the government to receive more income, corporation, and expenditure taxes. Our assistance will generate funds for our government to be spent on public services.

Adding Value to Agricultural Products

Functional ingredients (FIs) serve to introduce and improve quality attributes of food products such as sensory appreciations, nutritional properties, health benefits, and microbiological stability. Furthermore, they serve as the basis for the formulation of functional foods and tech functionality. They encompass a wide array of phytochemicals (such as polyphenols, terpenes, and alkaloids), fibers, proteins, peptides, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins, and so forth. They have the intrinsic ability to impact taste, flavor, appearance, color, texture, water, and fat binding, counteracting fat separation, foaming, and emulsifying properties, preservation, antioxidant activity, metabolite disorder, hypertension, heart disease, glycemia, and cancer. Low-cost agricultural agro resources and agrifood by-products are rich in these ingredients, and indeed they add value to the production of FIs.