Paradise Group of Companies:

Leading Sustainability in 18 Diverse Sectors

"Explore how Paradise Group of Companies champions sustainability across travel, real estate, e-commerce, and more. Discover our commitment to global standards and impactful partnerships inspired by Dubai Holding’s principles."


Paradise Group of Companies, a multinational powerhouse, stands committed to sustainability across its diversified sectors. Aligned with principles, we prioritize a diverse workforce, ethical standards, and robust partnerships driving a sustainable future.

Sustainability Commitment:

Our dedication reflects in fostering diversity, ethical excellence, and safety. Collaborating with suppliers, we enhance sustainability, building resilient infrastructure and reducing our environmental footprint for a greener tomorrow.

Sustainability Strategy:

In 2021, we unveiled a holistic Sustainability Strategy, aligning with UN SDGs and creating stakeholder value while managing environmental impacts.


Group endeavors to develop Strategic alliances with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change, EEB, ECF, Friend of the Earth Europe, and T&E Alliance and amplify our global impact, driving meaningful change.

Internal Governance & Reporting:

Our governance embeds sustainability, evident in quarterly CEO Sustainability Forums and adherence to GRI standards.


Paradise Group of Companies pledges to continue spearheading sustainable practices across all sectors, encouraging exploration of our initiatives.