Pegasus Shipping & Logistics


To become leader in supply chain management by providing value-added, cost effective and customized services to our customers and overseas partner. To continuously improve our skill and ability to do things more effectively, efficiently and consistently.

  • To deliver high-quality service tailored to each customer needs.
  • To perfect operations
  • To expand our knowledge of international trade regulations.
  • Tracking of your consignment 24/7.

    Pegasus Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, Caters to the distribution and supply chain needs of local, regional and international manufacturers, distributors and retailers from a diverse range of industries. Our experienced staff makes it  possible to deliver anywhere in Pakistan in the most economical and expedient way.

    We operate an integrated transport network with our extensive fleet of vehicles to meet all sorts of needs. We undertake surface transportation by moving overweight, oversized & hazardous cargo as well as general cargo / general equipment within Pakistan for inbound and outbound consignments with tracking 24/7.

    We offer multi model transportation, Road, Ocean & Warehousing. All with single source control, as well as professional, personalized customer service, recognized as the most responsive in the business. Pegasus Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, are serving exporters & importers by means of providing  highly professional logistics service. We excel in handling of Textile &  Apparels, Pharmaceutical, Leather Products, Home Appliances, Chemical, Cement, Handicraft, Rice, Dangerous goods and perishables. We have defined our objectives by providing the customers state of the art facilities through designed professionals in their respective fields. All this is necessary to keep the group’s activities alive and forging in a market which is not only cost conscious but also remains vigilant on matters of service.

    Whether we are transporting your goods from you or to you, we treat the merchandise with equal importance. Our track & trace systems are activated from the point of collection oto the eventual destination. Pegasus Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, is extremely selective about our agents around the world, who stands together with us take responsibility of your Cargo. These agents are the experts in their countries so you deal with the best from start to finish.

    Highly competitive activities in the market always keep on threatening the existence of an agent and this fact alone demands to maintain consistency in efforts to always upgrade our image to create an aedge over others. We are not only striving for utilizing the experiences at its best but also the operation continues to receive the required up-gradation in meeting the needs of modern era. Our professionalism & dedication to our work confirms that our customer have selected us for many positive reasons. It is what enabled us to transport hundreds of tons of their cargo by air and over 3000 tones by road. Our customers trust what is believed to be the driving force.