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Paradise Group of Companies is a Multinational Group, comprising dynamic teams, embedded within its different companies and industries, working under one flagship. Through innovative ideas and creative development, we take pride in representing an entirely new way of doing business.

Established in 2009, Paradise GOC holds a great rank among its competitors, both globally as well as in Pakistan. Through the implementation of professional initiatives and innovative techniques, our journey has been quite successful. With our professional and result-oriented approach, we enjoy a good reputation in local as well as international markets.

Leader In All Industries

Paradise GOC works as the leader for all of its industries and provides complete logistic support to its workforce. The company provides exemplary services to worldwide clientele in every sector covered by Paradise Group of Companies. Our business trade and working partners always put their highest level of confidence in our ensured and result-oriented services because we believe in quality, not quantity.

12 Years of Experience

Paradise GOC: Big name in Import & Export Sector

Majestic Trading, Meditra Industries, EximFast, Zaroon Trading, Trend Textiles, Apex Leather, Adam & Co. are our companies like flowers in a bouquet. Our companies deal in import and export of different products. Textile, Fashion Textiles, Sportswear, Leather, Surgical Instruments, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Continental Spices, Dry Fruits, Fruits, and Vegetables,  are some of the special as well as daily life products we cover.

Paradise GOC: Promising eCommerce Relationship

All our companies promote eCommerce. Paradise GOC considered a pioneer in this highly connected and customer convenient field. We are continuously extending our eCommerce services to our customers through different market channels. Paradise GOC is also providing exemplary services in the Shipping and Logistics sector. Paradise Group Of Companies always consider education the backbone of every society, and we are bringing international and best-level education services in group educational institutes.

Paradise GOC: An Authority in Evaluation Services

Paradise Group of Companies has earned a strong and professional name in Evaluation services. We provide accurate, transparent, and realistic Evaluation services in Land, Machinery, and Business Assets.

Generally, the Six Functional Areas of Business Management involve STRATEGY, MARKETING, FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCES, TECHNOLGY, EQUIPMENT, and OPERATIONS. Therefore, all business planners should concentrate on researching and thoroughly understanding these areas as they relate to the individual business.

Our work process

Over the course of more than 12 years of hard work with many large and small projects. We have worked out the best working process.

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Import Export Interest

Majestic Trading

Majestic trading is an e-commerce business website that works at national level. It offers export supplies of sports products, electronics, packaging products, accessories, household products, and various useful stuff.. Read More

Meditra Industries

The company deals in instruments specially designed for surgical, dental, and beauty use. A wide range of high-quality products is offered to clients at an affordable price for a fair and happy network.. Read More

Exim Fast

It is an e-commerce company that offers mainly OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions for the manufacturing of sports goods for sports lovers and manages to provide the high demanding variety.. Read More

Zaroon Trading

It is an e-commerce company that deals in all kinds of traditional spices and grains that add to the value of tasteful recipes. The company also deals in other organic food supplies such as meat, sea food, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, dry fruits, and pulses.Read More

Trend Textile

Specialize in supplying of hospital textiles, fashion textile, home textile, and leather products covering the complete range of useful products for all ranges of high-quality manufactured garments.. Read More

Apex Leather

Apex Leather comes with a demanding range of fashion needs. It meets the client’s fashion requirements at its best consisting of trendy accessories, shoes, and clothing.. Read More

Message From Chairman


Operating Globally, we are one of the groups, most admired by all our stakeholders i.e., Customers, Employees, Shareholders, and Society at large. We pursue world-class standards in our products, people, processes, and performance. Being a part of this Global village, we seek quantum growth to lead in the international as well as domestic markets. Our presence is continuously enhanced by encouraging innovation and nurturing intellectual processing. Pursuing a ‘win-win’ attitude, we will always be concise and conscious of our path, making sure the highest levels of ethical and moral values, instilled in us by our peers. We are the sons of this soil hence are in debt of it. We will do all possible to contribute internationally as well as towards the betterment of our beloved country and its countrymen.

With our untiring dedication towards our work, we empower our soul slogan “Long live Pakistan”. Aiming high with a vision of exploration and establishment of new ventures, we are determined to continue our exponential growth internationally, thereby further strengthening our foothold, abroad as well as at home.

Thank You.

Malik Muhammad Ashaq

Malik Ashaq

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Paradise Group of Companies is providing a wide range of services in different sectors. Imports & Exports have Mandatory and primary importance in our business. We are the leading Importer/ Exporter of Medical Devices, Surgical Instruments, Dental and Beauty Instruments, Menswear, Leather & Textile products.

We are also supplying different food items to international food companies worldwide. We supply Sea Food, Rice, Spices, Pulses, Grains, Dry Fruits to individual and bulk buyers at the mass level. For all the categories mentioned above, we need suppliers as well.

The Paradise Group of Companies is keen to work with suppliers to offer our customers excellent quality and innovative products. If you believe your provided goods can meet our exacting standards, please submit your details using the form below.