Accurate Plus Evaluation

  • Organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality.
  • Environment that is cost effective and quality conscious.
  • Service that are based on the most optimum technology.
  • “Quality” and “time” conscious customer service.
  • Sustained growth is earning and profitability.
  • Time value money is key to our vision.
VISION Since its inception, accurate plus evaluation services has been governed by its values. Their values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions and they define our vision.


Our mission is to provide highest quality of services to our esteem clients. The valuation is done with outmost importance, care and survey from area Real Estate Agents and evaluated with high degree of competent Authority of keeping in mind that is should not be overvalued leading a loss to our esteem customer. Transparency is maintained & our reports are based on Facts & Figures.

ACCURATE PLUS EVALUATION (Pvt) Ltd is a dynamic firm having expertise in Residential and Commercial Asset Evaluation and offers full range of quality surveying services. Core Consultants is a registered company with Pakistan Banks Association, a regulatory body of State Bank of Pakistan. Currently we have three corporate clients Muslim Commercial Banks, Habib Bank Ltd, and Faysal Bank.

We strive to introduce transparency in evaluation process and add to the performance literature in corporate banking. Practical application of our multiple criteria system is our priority. We aim to construct an integrated evaluation system. For corporate banking service quality and convenience at the bank branch level. Our most important business objective is commitment to achieve our client satisfaction and enhancing its market image and equity. State Bank of Pakistan ha entrusted the task of enlistment and monitoring of Professional Value’s to Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA).

In the context of the banking industry in Pakistan, Professional Value’s are individuals or organizations that appraise the value of assets and collateral’s provided to Banks and Financial Institutions for the purpose of securing loans & advances and any other facilities. The banking industry may only use the services of PBA enlisted Professional values for assessment of value of assets located in Pakistan. They will also use the services of PBA enlisted Professional values for assessment of values of assets that do not form collateral’s.

Professional values do not require PBA enlistment for issuing Valuation Reports that will not be used by the local banking industry. Likewise, Financial Institutions that are not regulated by State Bank of Pakistan are not required to use the services of PBA enlisted Professional Values.